Learning the life of a b u t t e r f l y

Fall is finally here…and the weather is feeling like it to boot! It’s this time of year that I love to teach about butterflies, specifically monarchs. This time of year, these bright orange beauties are getting ready to migrate south for the winter. During the summer, three to four new generations of monarchs will have been born. Now, the newly emerged generations must migrate to either southern California or Mexico to survive the winter.

One of my co-workers has brought the metamorphosis to our office this month. Watching these Monarchs develop and then releasing them back to the wild has been an inspiring experience.

I’m sure many of my teaching friends out there have already seen this craft, but it’s one of my favorites. Our friend Eric Carle and his very hungry caterpillar, has brought the wonder of a butterfly’s life to our youngster’s imaginations. This activity brings the life cycle to life.

This life cycle craft gets kids using their noodles & the ones they eat. 

This life cycle craft gets kids using their noodles & the ones they eat. 

Supply List:

  • Life Cycle Template
  • Markers
  • Noodles (4 varieties)
  • Orzo-egg phase
  • Rotini-caterpillar phase
  • Shells-cocoon/chrysalis/pupa phase
  • Farfalle a.k.a bowties-butterfly phase


  • Glue (Elmer’s worked successfully)


  1. First, have the students color the leaves and stick for the cocoon.
  2. Next, talk through each phase of the metamorphosis and have the kids glue the appropriate noodle in the right box.
  3. Lastly, have students add any antennas, flowers, or other additions to the scenes.
  4. Leave dry for at least 24 hours.

**Can also glue the phases on a paper plate and then make the cycle in a circle.


Examples from a kindergarten class I teach.

Examples from a kindergarten class I teach.