Earth Day Book List

In honor of Earth Day, I’m sharing some of my favorite books for young audiences. There's plenty of time to reserve them at your local library or order them online to have them by April 22nd! These are great reads not only on Earth Day, but every day. After all every day is Earth Day!

Glamorous Garbage 
This book ties Earth Day and Spring Cleaning all into one. It’s a great look at how many “things” we have. It shows that sometimes we don’t need to buy new things but but rather turn old things into great new things! Very relatable for anyone who feels like they’re outgrowing the style of their room.

Picture a Tree 
The author shows us so many things that a tree can be, capturing it in so many roles. The author asks readers to picture a tree themselves, what do you see?

The Lorax 
A classic. Even Dr. Seuss had an important message for young audiences about how important it was to protect our planet, long before it was being addressed on a global level daily.

Gabby & Grandma Go Green 
A day spent at grandma’s isn’t full of cookies and milk for Gabby. Her and grandma sew their own reusable bags and take them with them to the grocery store and throughout their day as they learn about recycling. (Instructions to make your own bag an added bonus!)

The Bee Book 
A brand new book from March of this year. An eye-opening look at the decline of bees and although they may sometimes make us nervous when we’re small, they play a big role in our world. The realistic pictures are a great way to help kids fall in love with bees before summer.

The Magic School Bus & The Climate Challenge 
Who doesn’t love a school trip with Ms. Frizzle? This time the bus-plane is off to learn about greenhouse, gases, and more. Ms. Frizzle is full of inspiration on the little things even one person can do to help save our planet.

RECYCLED Craft Projects for Kids 
Turn tissue boxes and toilet paper roles into musical instruments & pickle jars into holiday snow globes. Become a savvy recycler with over 50 things to make recycling a fun, creative, learning experience.

One Plastic Bag 
Learn what happens when one broken plastic bag becomes one hundred. An inspirational story about one woman, who saw a problem in her community and decided to create change that impacted not only her town, but the world. Everyone can learn something from this story about the plastic bags we use to carry things everywhere we go.

I Love Our Earth 
Pages of what there is to love about our Earth. The perfect kick starter for a discussion about what it is each of us loves about the Earth and what we can do to make sure it’s still around to love.

The Backyard Homestead 
With this book, you’ll have a whole new view of your own backyard. Whether that’s an apartment patio or a full two acres, this book is a lesson in food self-sufficiency and how you can transform that space into your own farmer’s market.


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